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Ruffian – Banoffee Review

A rich and opulent take on one of the most popular desserts out there, Ruffian have carefully created a smooth and inviting Banoffee Pie. As a massive fan of banana flavours, I was immediately enthralled by this extremely well made eliquid. Obviously there are notes of banana in there, and it comes across as creamy and   decadent. Rich butterscotch and toffee sauce brings the banana to life and is closely followed by a subdued pie crust that rounds off [...]

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50 Large – Crispy Coffee Review

A vastly different flavour profile to what we have recently had a look at, Crispy Coffee is a unique and mouth watering combination of smooth and creamy coffee, delicate pastry and rich caramel glazed doughnut. A rather complex blend of flavours, Large have hit the ball out of the park with this one. Instead of being over simplified, they have made the bold move of carefully adding different flavour elements that combine in a delicious manner. The coffee is [...]

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Loaded – Pink Cotton Candy Review

Loaded have amassed a wonderful collection of flavours over the years, and perhaps one of the most popular flavours would be Pink Cotton Candy. This eliquid presents a simple yet sugary base with your classic, fluffy pink candy floss flavour. There is a subtle touch of strawberry on the initial inhale and is just soft enough to not take away from the candy floss notes. Overall, a sweet, but not too sweet flavour that offers you a nostalgic sensation [...]

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Glas Basix – Butterscotch Reserve Review

Butterscotch Reserve is a powerful and decadent caramel tobacco based flavour. The subtle earthiness of a smooth virginia tobacco is pleasantly complemented with a sweet and rich butterscotch. As you begin to exhale, a delicate note of vanilla bean brings all the separate flavours together in to a cornucopia of sweetness. We particularly enjoyed the subtlety of the tobacco, as at no point did it have a smokey, cigarette-like effect, but rather a smooth and wholesome undertone that gave [...]

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Mungo Berry Review

Obviously, we are a massive fan of Mungo Berry! We created this eliquid inspired by the funky legend of the summertime that is Mungo Jerry. We decided to go with something that offers vapers a chance to enjoy a refreshing experience that is best enjoyed on a hot day. Mungo Berry is a blast of sweet, juicy raspberry sorbet, followed by an incredible, unmatched rush of iciness. The cool hit in this flavour is by no means a typical [...]

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