• Juice E Fruit Wonka

    Wonka E-Liquid is a magically quirky red berry, sweet eucalyptus and aniseed mix. An Oompa-Loompa flavour chasing bottle of tricks that sensually licks your palate for kicks then unloads a savour bomb fix that’ll knock you for six.
  • Juice E Fruit DoodleBug

    A blast of sumptuous fruity blackcurrant mixed with the subtle sweetness of your favourite Bubblegum, rounded off with an out of this world cooling kick.
  • A beautifully summery blend of raspberries with a mixed berry undertone and a refreshing hint of cool ice. We at BHVape have made this E-liquid in conjunction with music royalty, worldwide star and local legend Mungo Jerry! Taking inspiration from his biggest hit ‘In The Summertime’ We have created two flavours that will help transport you back to the hazy 70s summertime! Yeah Baby! Grow out those sideburns and rock out with BHVape and Mungo Jerry! For those who don’t know about Mungo Jerry get yourselves on youtube and check out in the summertime! 101 million viewers can’t be wrong!
  • A hallmark of the Vapetasia collection, Killer Kustard is an enchanting mix of vanilla and custard flavours. If you’ve been searching for the perfect level of sweet and savoury then look no further; simply put, Killer Kustard is the smoothest, richest and most delicious custard that you can get your hands on. You’ve been warned! This one is hard to put down!
  • Strawberry Donut – One of our personal all time favourites! A rich and smooth strawberry glazed doughnut dunked in a cold glass of creamy milk...mmmm!! Glazed Kronuts – A blend of the masters of the doughnut shop! Savoury, flaky croissants are met with sweet, almost crispy doughnuts, finished nicely with a smooth vanilla cream.
  • Lemon Lime Tangerine Ice – A blend of the most popular citrus fruits made even more invigorating by a touch of icy menthol Lemon Sherbet – A simple but effective flavour, the eliquid is named spot on. A sharp and fizzy lemon candy that will tingle the tastebuds! Mango Raspberry Ice Cream – A fruity dessert flavour that introduces a slightly different set of flavours than you would expect when it comes to ice cream. The mango is soft, the raspberry offers a slight tartness and the ice cream brings it all together. Orange Mango Chill – A refreshing combination of sweet citrus and juicy mango, this flavour is exaggerated by the menthol when exhaling. Raspberry Sherbet – A blue raspberry candy that is both lip smackingly sour and tongue tinglingly sweet. Sherbet Rainbow – A mix of fruity candy flavours that is sweet and sharp at the very same time. Twisted Ice Cream – A favourite from childhood, this eliquid is near enough identical in taste to the strawberry, lemon, lime and pineapple twisty ice lolly.
  • Wick Liquor

    Boulevard eliquid by Wick Liquor is sweet and tart throughout. On inhale, you'll detect a fruit punch flavour, which develops to create a juicy aftertaste. This is complemented on exhale by Malibu loganberry pulp, which is slightly sharp and serves to balance the overall taste. Boulevard Shattered, features the same great flavour as the original Boulevard but with an added icy coolness that really bumps up the level of refreshing in this E-liquid. Banshee is "Haitian Labadee Apple and Fizzy Bayou Quince" providing that well rounded authentic liquor punch.
  • Welcome to the Wild Roots range! Wild Roots believe in creating bold, natural flavours with a conscience. That’s why they’ve promised to plant one tree for every bottle of Wild Roots E-liquid sold, and why all of there ingredients are sourced in an eco-friendly manner. Wild Cherry - Shaken wild cherry tress have dropped the juiciest fruits ready to be foraged and brought together with fino lemon slices and cooled off with frozen blueberries. Royal Apricot - Regal by name, royal by definition. Crushed royal apricots blended with forest picked blackcurrants and sprinkled with açai berries is a flavour that will be loved by all. Pressed Pear - Country pressed pears coupled with tart pink lady apples marry up perfectly with a sprig of wild elderflower. This curious combination is perfect for warm summer evenings. Pomegranate - Summer in a bottle, well that’s what we think! Bursts of pomegranate meet juicy queen pineapple slices and are finished off with a cool wedge of cucumber. Your pallet will truly be left with a taste of summer. Gold Dust Peach - When juicy peaches combine with its super fruit counterpart we have a match made in fruit heaven. Floral, fruity and full of flavour. Passionfruit - Wild Roots takes you on an exotic and tropical flavour journey! Aromatic passionfruit is complemented by smooth mango, rounded off with a crisp bite of Red Delicious apple. A rich and complex flavour that’s perfect for everyday vaping all year round. Mint Tea & Rhubarb - Expect the taste of freshly brewed mint tea to surround your palette while notes of tart rhubarb chime through. A uniquely refreshing all-day vape.
  • RIBERRY LEMONADE - A perfect blend of crushed blackcurrants and wild berries paired with refreshing lemonade, an extremely satisfying taste

    PINK LEMONADE - Your favourite lemonade with hints of sweet grapefruit

    FRESH MANGO - An elixir of soft tropical mango fruit with pleasant citric notes

    SUMMER BLAZE - Sicilian style cool lemonade, infused with mixed summer berries

    SPEARMINT - Fresh punch of spearmint to tantalise your senses with a hint of bubblegum

    RAINBOW BLAST - Inspired by your favourite sweets that will give you an amazing sour taste of mixed fruit candy

    BUBBLEGUM - That amazing bubblegum taste, which will bring your childhood memories back with a refreshing exhale

    BLUE RASPBERRY - Mouth-watering fresh blueberries and raspberries treat, with a subtle slush effect

    KIWI LEMON KOOL - Fresh Kiwi blended with a hint of lemon

    COLA ICE - Your all time favourite fizzy cola, served with ice

    APPLE BERRY CRUMBLE - Traditional English crumble with rich apple and blackberry filling

    NEON LIME - Lemon and lime sherbet with a refreshing exhale

    STRAWBERRY WATERMELON - Nothing Beats the mouth-watering taste of strawberries and watermelons

  • Tobacco - A vaping classic and made from the finest European Tobacco Absolute, our Tobacco E-liquid a truly authentic tobacco flavour, woody, sweet, rich with treacle notes -just like rolling tobacco. Virginia - A favourite with tobacco fans for many a year, this golden, cured e-liquid with a light, sweet taste of Virginia is everything you could ever want from a Virginia vape. American Red -  one of our most popular tobacco e-liquids; comforting, familiar and delightfully moreish. It’s an authentic American tobacco vape with a softer nutty flavour and smooth smokey notes. Toffy - DV’s Toffy e-liquid is a rich, sweet and smooth toffee vape with notes of burnt brown sugar and butterscotch, ideal for anyone that possesses a sweet tooth! New York 60 - A creative concentration of mocha and tobacco, with hints of vanilla and caramel. (60VG/40PG base)  
  • Vanilla Custard eliquid by Wizmix is a dessert blend of sweet, creamy tastes. The combination of rich vanilla and smooth custard creates a layered eliquid with a distinct flavour.
  • Menthol Madness by Titus ADV E-liquid is a menthol sensation unlike any other, this supreme menthol hit will take your breath away.
  • Heisenberg -  This award winning e-liquid is a fruity sensation of mixed red berries topped off with a cool menthol breeze. Experience the ice cool crystal kick as the intense flavours of ripe fruits burst through. The fruit to menthol ratio has been perfectly balanced, making this e-liquid great for vaping all day long. Pinkman - A sweet flavour jam packed full of a wide variety of mixed fruits. This 10ml e-liquid is refreshing with an intense flavour, which tastes of the freshest fruit juices. Raspberry Sorbet - Bursting with refreshing summer berries and topped off with a fresh and fizzy twist. The raspberry notes are tart and sweet, while the touch of menthol gives a mildly cool undertone, meaning it is a great all day vape. The fruit and menthol are perfectly balanced for a juicy berry flavour to give you a mild yet tasty aroma in your mouth. Tropical Island - An exotic blend of juicy citrus fruits with a flavourful punch. Fresh Pineapple has been fused with ripe mango to create this refreshing liquid. Taste the sweet tropical medley of an intense aroma with every inhale and experience the strong zest within this juice. Red Lips -  Just like the classic pick ‘n’ mix sweet, Red Lips is a fruity and flavoursome mix with a cherry, berry flavour. Blackjack - A sweet smooth e-liquid tasting of the retro childhood candy. This mildly spiced liquorice and aniseed blend is jam packed full of sweet flavours and has a sugary after taste. Sherbet Lemon -  A rich tasting sugar coated juice which tastes just like the classic sweets. This zesty citrus flavour has a sharp taste with a sweet aroma which lasts and lasts. The sherbet notes in this juice are blended with the tangy lemon to give a great all day vape. Ice Menthol - A cool minty e-liquid with a strong burst of icy freshness. This E-liquid is an intense blast of frosty menthol with a sharp, crisp taste. Just like the cooling properties of chewing gum, this e-liquid will cleanse your palette leaving you with a mildly sweet after taste. Blackcurrant - A simple yet sweet juice bursting with fresh blackcurrant berries. A natural taste which is perfect for those who love to vape fruity e-liquids all day long. On the first inhale expect a refreshing blast of a summer berries, a classic flavour complemented by tart notes on the exhale.      
  • IVG Desserts

    Apple Berry Crumble - A take on the classic apple crumble flavour with a twist. The buttery crumble, with savoury notes, is combined with a crisp yet sweet apple before juicy mixed berries on exhale creates a layered vape. Cookie Dough -  A biscuit blend with a sweet taste. The sugary cookie flavour provides the base of the e-liquid, accentuated by smooth vanilla for a balanced vape. Jam Roly Poly - A dessert blend with a sweet and fruity finish. The pastry flavour is sweet with a taste similar to a traditional sponge cake, dusted with powdered sugar. The jam exhale is sugary with a strawberry flavour for a ripe aftertaste.
  • IVG Sweets 4 Flavours

    Blackcurrant - A candy blend with a dark, fruity undertone. The punchy blackcurrant flavour has a rich aftertaste, with an added layer of sugary candy creates a bold yet balanced vape. Bubblegum - A confectionary blend with candy notes. The sweet bubblegum flavour is consistent throughout combining a sugary, floral undertone with a candy layer for a distinct eliquid. Cola Bottles - A confectionary blend taking inspiration from the popular sweet. The taste of sugary cola is consistent throughout for a simple yet authentic vape. Spearmint- A sweet shop blend with a cooling kick. The spearmint taste, featuring peppery and floral notes, is paired with a sweet candy layer for a refined vape.
  • IVG Fruits – 4 Flavours

    Summer Blaze - Summer Blaze shortfill e-liquid by IVG is sweet and tangy in equal measure. A mixed fruit flavour blend hits you from your first vape with a hint of peach. On exhale, a sharp Sicilian lemonade creates a cool citrus finish. Strawberry Sensation - Strawberry Sensation shortfill e-liquid by IVG is a sweet, fruity blend. The ripe-tasting strawberry is consistent throughout, accentuated by a candy note and a cooling mint to finish for a layered vape. Purple Slush - Purple Slush shortfill e-liquid by IVG is a dark fruit blend for a layered taste. The bitter grape provides the base of the flavour, with notes of bubblegum and lime with an ice finish creating a complex eliquid. Blue Raspberry - Blue Raspberry shortfill e-liquid by IVG is a strong and sharp blue raspberry blend. The fruit flavour has sweet yet tart notes, whilst a layer of ice to finish creates a slushie drink taste.
  • IVG Menthol – 2 Flavours

    Kiwi Lemon Kool - A fruit blend with a hint of citrus and mint layers. The exotic, tart taste of kiwi is combined with zesty lemon notes and finished off by an icy kick for a layered vape. Rainbow Blast - A tropical fruit medley with an icy effect. The mixture of ripe-tasting strawberry, juicy orange and zesty lemon are balanced out by a mint kick for a complex eliquid.
  • IVG Tobacco

    Tobacco Silver Is a robust blend with sweet notes. The dark, rich tobacco flavour is present throughout with notes of golden honey for a balanced vape.
  • Top Shot Nicotine Shot
  • NicNic Ice Nicotine Shot