• Berry Cold – A deliciously refreshing mixed berry flavour with a subtle hit of menthol. Banana Haze – A unique blend of smooth and creamy banana with fresh, ripe pear. Zest Pest – Sour lemon, sweet lime and fresh orange all join together in a full on mix of sharp, ripe and revitalising citrus. Grape Expectations – A fizzy soda combining of green, red and black grapes. Fresh Pink of Bel Air – A mix of sweet summer fruits and punchy tropical fruits, this flavour is truly one to pick for a revitalising vape! Orang-O-Tang - Combines tropical and garden fruits for a unique vape. The bold flavour of Orange and pomegranate is fused with raspberry and peach, creating a blend that plays between sweet and tart. Donut Worry – A rich tasting pastry flavour that incorporates a sweet strawberry donut and smooth vanilla custard.
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    Crispy Coffee – A super duper breakfast combo of dark but sweet coffee and rich, creamy caramel doughnut. Kiwimelon – An incredibly complex blend of watermelon, lychee, dragonfruit, and tart kiwi fruit. Berry n'Ice – A simple but effective taste of dark and red berries rounded up with a hit of cold menthol Bango Mango – A delicious base of ripe banana, topped off with a medley of fresh, exotic fruits. Creamy Strawbz – One of the most popular flavours in this line, Creamy Strawbz is also one of the simplest. A rich strawberry custard with a tiny touch of flaky pastry. Apple Nutter - A rich blend with a pronounced fruity note throughout. The bold taste of red apple and sweet cinnamon is fused with caramel and treated to a hint of vanilla and pecan. Pecanilla – A decadent mixture of deep, almost savoury pecan, smooth vanilla custard and a touch of nutty tobacco.
  • Aspire Gusto Pods One box of 20mg salt nicotine pods compatible with the Aspire Gusto Kits. All boxes contain 3 x 2ml pods.
  • Bar Liquid 3000 is a UK based 20mg nicotine salt brand who specialise in creating smooth-hitting e-liquid flavours that replicate Elf Bar disposables including Blue Raspberry, Blue Sour Raspberry, Blueberry Ice, Energy Ice, Grape, Mango Ice, Peach, Strawberry and Watermelon Ice. Get ready to experience your favourite Elf Bar flavours in a whole new way!
  • Blue Raspberry – A tangy twist of full on , fruity blue raspberry slush. Bubblegum Candy – A mix of classic, sugary candy and nostalgic bubblegum with a subtle undertone of sweet spearmint. Cherry Cola Bottles – A pick n mix favourite, this flavour manages to get it bang on. There is a sweet cola complimented with tart cherry, finished off with the sour fizziness found in the sweet itself. Frozen Mango – Succulent, icy mango slices mashed together to give you a taste you won't want to put down Lemon Cake – A rich slice of your favourite spongecake, drenched in a sweet, lemon sauce. Sweetooth's will love it! Raspberry Mojito – Flavourful, ripe raspberries are blended expertly with sweet sugarcane and a splash of sour citrus, creating the ultimate cocktail vape. Tropical Fruit – This is a juicy blend of exotic passion fruit, sweet mango and tart pineapple. Watermelon Chill – Mouthwatering watermelon mixed with intricate slices of ice...try saying that 10 times fast!
  •   Madagascan Delight – Sweet, decadent strawberries and rich, juicy blueberries join with a creamy vanilla bean custard to create a must have flavour for hardcore dessert vapers. Blueberry Creme - Sweet blueberries blended with a rich creamy custard.  
  • Caribbean Kola – A unique take on everyone's favourite soft drink, this eliquid encompasses cola with green apples and a lime undertone, creating a deliciously refreshing summer vape. Delhi Fruit & Passion – Juicy mangoes and ripe passionfruit combine with a hint of iciness to formulate a truly unique and exotic blend Madagascan Delight – Sweet, decadent strawberries and rich, juicy blueberries join with a creamy vanilla bean custard to create a must have flavour for hardcore dessert vapers. Nordic Berry – Ripe and luscious berries are infused with a refreshing lemonade giving you a perfectly balanced flavour, ideal for a hot day! Tokyo Summerade – Crisp and sweet Fuji apples are brewed together with a homemade lemonade, leaving you with a fresh and more-ish beverage flavour. Shanghai Li - Sour raspberries blended with fresh pear & a burst of coolada on the exhale Kuala Lumpur Cooler - Inspired by fruits native to Malaysia, this rich blend of pomegranate & pomelo coupled with a blast of coolada will transport your senses. Melon Citron Refresher - Pulpy melon with dark berries & citrus combined with refreshing shots of coolada Blueberry Creme - Sweet blueberries blended with a rich creamy custard.    
  • Berry Granola - A blend of crunchy oat clusters baked into a handful of tangy and juicy mixed forest berries with lashings of smooth and creamy milk.  
  • Lash - a fruity blend of tart Apricot on the inhale, layered with a smooth Cream on the exhale for a balanced all day vape. Blackout - a sweet, delicious and icy blend of sugary citrus Blood Orange sherbets on the inhale, layered with an icy Sorbet on the exhale for a distinct all day vape.
  • Bubble 50ml & Salts

    Grape - The bottle may be pink but this dark grape bubblegum is purple through and through, a sure hit with any fruit candy lover! Blackcurrant - Chew your way through bubblegum candy clouds infused with only the juiciest blackcurrant flavour! Strawberry - Chew your way through bubblegum candy clouds infused with only the juiciest strawberry flavour around, no wonder the bottle's pink! Tropical - Chew your way through bubblegum candy clouds infused with medley of fresh tropical fruits that will have you licking your lips!
  • Moustache Milk – A classic, cinnamon apple breakfast cereal is perfectly complemented by lashings of smooth and creamy milk Wonder Worm – Your favourite gummy sweets have made it into vape form! Wonder Worm encapsulates the same, fruity taste you'd expect from the sweet candy, and boy does it taste great! Mr Meringue – Mr Meringue is a delicate and sweet dessert flavour, combining crunchy and mild meringue and zesty, slightly sour lemon curd.  
  • Summer Fruit Ice – Traditional British seasonal fruits are joined by a refreshing cooling kick! Peach Apricot Ice – Juicy peach and mild apricots are expertly blended together and then paired with an ear tingling icy finish. Tropical Ice – A fusion of exotic and decadent tropical fruits that are given an extra kick of coldness on the exhale. Mango Ice – An icy mango smoothie that will certainly tingle your tastebuds like never before. Berry Burst Ice -  An explosion of fresh berry flavour with a juicy combination of sweet ripe strawberries, fragrant raspberry's and indulgent kiwi topped off with a cooling breath of menthol ice. Strawberry & Kiwi Ice - The tastes of ripe Strawberries, Kiwi & Pineapples blended up and served in cool icy slush. Melon Medley Ice -  A ripe, juicy and bold fruity flavour consisting of a blend of cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. Topped off with a little hint of mint. Grape Slushie Ice - A distinctive flavour of  grape that's present throughout, further complimented by a strong ice flavour that ties it together creating a slushie vape.  
  • Tobacco - A vaping classic and made from the finest European Tobacco Absolute, our Tobacco E-liquid a truly authentic tobacco flavour, woody, sweet, rich with treacle notes -just like rolling tobacco. Virginia - A favourite with tobacco fans for many a year, this golden, cured e-liquid with a light, sweet taste of Virginia is everything you could ever want from a Virginia vape. American Red -  one of our most popular tobacco e-liquids; comforting, familiar and delightfully moreish. It’s an authentic American tobacco vape with a softer nutty flavour and smooth smokey notes. Toffy - DV’s Toffy e-liquid is a rich, sweet and smooth toffee vape with notes of burnt brown sugar and butterscotch, ideal for anyone that possesses a sweet tooth! New York 60 - A creative concentration of mocha and tobacco, with hints of vanilla and caramel. (60VG/40PG base)  
  • Dinner Lady 50ml & Salts

    Lemon Tart - Inspired by everyone’s favourite lemon pudding; tangy Lemon curd lavished over gooey Meringue, and finally enveloped in delicious thin crust Pastry. This is a luxurious pudding that’s so good seconds won’t be enough! Berry Tart - A distinct pastry flavour, that is rich and buttery from your first vape. This pastry taste is followed by a sharp yet sweet blend of berries, sweeping in to create a full and well mixed flavour throughout. Blackberry Crumble - A tart Berry dessert blend with Blackberries, Sugar, and a baked Crumble crust. Strawberry Macaroon - A strawberry macaroon with just the right amount of sweetness combined with cream, almonds and coconut to fulfil your heart’s desire  
  • Strawberry Donut – One of our personal all time favourites! A rich and smooth strawberry glazed doughnut dunked in a cold glass of creamy milk...mmmm!! Glazed Kronuts – A blend of the masters of the doughnut shop! Savoury, flaky croissants are met with sweet, almost crispy doughnuts, finished nicely with a smooth vanilla cream.
  • Apple Chews – Super sour and super nostalgic, this flavour has really brought the green apple candy to life. Bubbly – A classic and well loved bubblegum flavour that is known by all. All the flavour without the bubbles! Fizzy Lemon – Your favourite sour lemon candy, it even feels fizzy when vaping! Gummy Bears – A juicy punch of sugary blackcurrant. This flavour has an unforgettable likeness to the purple gummy bears! Lime Jelly Beans – Green jelly beans are the best, if you didn't already know! This flavour has got it bang on. Imagine eating the sweet but sharp lime candies non stop, they taste great, but you might need to visit a dentist! But don't worry! Why not vape it instead??
  • Doozy Tropix 50ml & Salts

    Fiji - A Mesmerising combination of Crisp Fuji Apple and Sweet Cucamelon with a Touch of Cucumber. Perfection in a bottle, each fruit layered in the most divine way to deliver a fresh and fruity Tropical Wave. You won’t have tasted anything quite like this before…Enjoy! Hawaii - A Tantalising mix of Juicy Huckleberries and Blue Raspberry with a hint of Glacier Aniseed. A fresh fruity taste with a nicely balanced Cool aftertaste. This Berry unique concoction will have your taste buds tingling with delight. Malibu - A Mouth-Watering mix of Tangerine and Grenadine with a Twist of Banana topped with Crushed Ice. Amazingly tasty yet Mysteriously complex blend turns this into a truly Exotic experience not to be missed. Discover Malibu…the taste of Paradise Rio - An Exotic Fusion of Juicy Mangosteen and Slices of Guava with a splash of Icy Citrus. Words to describe this Sublime flavour…Fantastic, Delicious, Amazing. One thing is for sure, this Magical Medley will take your breath away! Tahiti - A Tangy blend of Maracuya and Ruby Grapefruit with a Refreshingly Sharp Citrus Fizz. A Fruitilicious Mix drenched in Green Lemon juice makes this a Showstopper of a Flavour with a Twist. It really is something Special.
  • Lemon Lime Tangerine Ice – A blend of the most popular citrus fruits made even more invigorating by a touch of icy menthol Lemon Sherbet – A simple but effective flavour, the eliquid is named spot on. A sharp and fizzy lemon candy that will tingle the tastebuds! Mango Raspberry Ice Cream – A fruity dessert flavour that introduces a slightly different set of flavours than you would expect when it comes to ice cream. The mango is soft, the raspberry offers a slight tartness and the ice cream brings it all together. Orange Mango Chill – A refreshing combination of sweet citrus and juicy mango, this flavour is exaggerated by the menthol when exhaling. Raspberry Sherbet – A blue raspberry candy that is both lip smackingly sour and tongue tinglingly sweet. Sherbet Rainbow – A mix of fruity candy flavours that is sweet and sharp at the very same time. Twisted Ice Cream – A favourite from childhood, this eliquid is near enough identical in taste to the strawberry, lemon, lime and pineapple twisty ice lolly.
  • Dripping Custard – An incredibly smooth and complex blend of delicate vanilla custard, rich caramel and toffee as well as a delicious undertone of butterscotch.
  • Blackjack - An aniseed flavoured creation intended to take you back, with their recreation of the classic British candy, Blackjacks. Blue Raz Bubble - Blended notes of blueberry and raspberry to make a candy flavoured vape reminiscent of nostalgic treats. Cola Bottles - Flavour Treats Sweets took the classic confectionery flavour of cola bottles and replicated it for a bold vape with a familiar zing. Fruit Pastilles - A fruity blend of sweet notes with a subtly sour zing, for a tangy vape throughout.