Blue Raspberry – A tangy twist of full on , fruity blue raspberry slush. Bubblegum Candy – A mix of classic, sugary candy and nostalgic bubblegum with a subtle undertone of sweet spearmint. Cherry Cola Bottles – A pick n mix favourite, this flavour manages to get it bang on. There is a sweet cola complimented with tart cherry, finished off with the sour fizziness found in the sweet itself. Frozen Mango – Succulent, icy mango slices mashed together to give you a taste you won't want to put down Lemon Cake – A rich slice of your favourite spongecake, drenched in a sweet, lemon sauce. Sweetooth's will love it! Raspberry Mojito – Flavourful, ripe raspberries are blended expertly with sweet sugarcane and a splash of sour citrus, creating the ultimate cocktail vape. Tropical Fruit – This is a juicy blend of exotic passion fruit, sweet mango and tart pineapple. Watermelon Chill – Mouthwatering watermelon mixed with intricate slices of ice...try saying that 10 times fast!