Raspberry Tangerine

A Mouth-watering Combination of Seriously Slushy Juicy Raspberries Drenched in
Cold freshly squeezed Tangerines.

Mixed Berries

A Concoction of Succulent Red, Blue and Black Berries perfectly combined with a light coolness to make your mouth water!

Lime Berry

A Tongue Tingling Mix of Berries with a sharp Seriously Slushy but Sweet Drizzle of Lime Sorbet and a touch of Ice.

Lemon Lime

A Refreshing Citrus Combination of Zesty Lemons, a cube of Ice and a Splash of Lime with a Deliciously Sweet Edge.

Grape Soda

Crispy Red and White Grapes Seriously Slushy with crushed Ice and a Mix of Sweet Soda make this a tasty All day Vape.

Berry Watermelon

A Juicy Mix of Ripe Strawberries and Slices of Red Watermelon make this stunning Cool Combination, irresistible!