Bubblegum Blues - A Classic tuck shop Bubblegum flavour that retains satisfaction throughout the day. Drumstix - Remnants of the chewy sweet Raspberry lolly on a stick that’s guaranteed to satisfy your sweet fix. Jelly Beans - A blast of sweetness consisting of all varieties of those classic Jelly Bean sweets! Including Cocktail Fruits, Sours and Smooth and Creamy. Minty Chews - An old fashioned chewy Mint designed to give clean sweet flavour and refresh your palette all at the same time. Raspberry Bar - A Chewy Raspberry Retro Sweet bar condensed into a delicious eliquid giving you the perfect WHAMMMM. Strawberry Laces - Do you have a sweet tooth? this sweet Strawberry Laces flavour will give you the “sweet” followed by a mouth-watering Sour vaping experience.