100 Large – 7 Flavours


Berry Cold – A deliciously refreshing mixed berry flavour with a subtle hit of menthol.

Banana Haze – A unique blend of smooth and creamy banana with fresh, ripe pear.

Zest Pest – Sour lemon, sweet lime and fresh orange all join together in a full on mix of sharp, ripe and revitalising citrus.

Grape Expectations – A fizzy soda combining of green, red and black grapes.

Fresh Pink of Bel Air – A mix of sweet summer fruits and punchy tropical fruits, this flavour is truly one to pick for a revitalising vape!

Orang-O-Tang – Combines tropical and garden fruits for a unique vape. The bold flavour of Orange and pomegranate is fused with raspberry and peach, creating a blend that plays between sweet and tart.

Donut Worry – A rich tasting pastry flavour that incorporates a sweet strawberry donut and smooth vanilla custard.

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100 Large

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Berry Cold, Banana Haze, Donut Worry, Grape Expectations, Fresh Pink Of Bel Air, Zest Pest, Orang-O-Tang


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