Breakfast Club 6 Flavours


Berry Granola – A blend of crunchy oat clusters baked into a handful of tangy and juicy mixed forest berries with lashings of smooth and creamy milk.

Cinnamon Crunch – A tangy and tantalising flavour of toasty cinnamon cereal with lashings of smooth and creamy milk that absorbs the cinnamon flavour.

Frosty Flakes – A flavour of crispy baked corn cereal flakes coated in a sticky sugar glaze and doused in smooth and creamy milk

Froot Hoops – A flavour of juicy mixed fruits baked into crunchy cereal hoops doused in lashings of smooth and creamy milk.

Honey Nut – A gorgeous blend of crispy cereal coated in sticky sweet honey and crunchy almonds all wrapped up in a bowl of smooth and creamy milk.

Marshmallow Charms – A unique blend of sweet and crispy cereal mixed with sugary marshmallow bits all wrapped up in a bowl of silky smooth milk.

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Breakfast Club 6 Flavours

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Berry Granola, Cinnamon Crunch, Frosty Flakes, Froot Hoops, Honey Nut, Marshmallow Charms


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