Doozy Sweet Treats 50ml – 5 Flavours


Apple Chews – Super sour and super nostalgic, this flavour has really brought the green apple candy to life.

Bubbly – A classic and well loved bubblegum flavour that is known by all. All the flavour without the bubbles!

Fizzy Lemon – Your favourite sour lemon candy, it even feels fizzy when vaping!

Gummy Bears – A juicy punch of sugary blackcurrant. This flavour has an unforgettable likeness to the purple gummy bears!

Lime Jelly Beans – Green jelly beans are the best, if you didn’t already know! This flavour has got it bang on. Imagine eating the sweet but sharp lime candies non stop, they taste great, but you might need to visit a dentist! But don’t worry! Why not vape it instead??

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Doozy Sweet Treats 50ml

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Apple Chews, Gummy Bears, Fizzy Lemon, Lime Jelly Beans, Bubbly


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