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The MiniFit by JustFog is a sensational device, a true leap forward in the vaping world, a absolutely tiny mod that does not sacrifice due to its size. Providing a surprisingly brilliant vape experience, with plenty of vapour and flavour production, coupled with a battery that can last through most of the day.

The MiniFit is refillable and its pods can be easily replaced, designed for use with Salt based nicotine products this unit will provide satisfaction unlike anything you’ve tried before and is good enough to make you put down your sub-ohm mod for good!

The MiniFit pod mod represents a new breed of vaping device gone are the days of carrying bulky mods and bottles of juice to satisfy your cravings, vaping technology has progressed to such an extent that a tiny unit like the MiniFit is more than enough!

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Justfog Minifit Kits

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