Large Salts – 10 Flavours


Apple Nutter A sweet combination of apple and cinnamon is complemented by a layer of caramel. On exhale, a hint of vanilla creates a light finish .

Banana Haze – A ripe tasting fruit flavour. The distinctive notes of banana are complemented by a juicy tasting pear and rich hazelnut to finish for a balanced vape.

Bango Mango – A tropical fruit fusion, with a predominantly sweet taste throughout. Notes of banana and mango create a distinctive vape perfect for fruit lovers.

Berry Cold –  A duo of fruit flavours with a cool finish. The juicy taste of red and dark berries is present from your first vape, chilled by a layer of ice on exhale for a balanced e-liquid.

Crispy Coffee – A complex dessert blend. The dark notes of sweetened coffee are complemented by a caramel-glazed doughnut, finished off by a rich cream for a layered vape.

Donut Worry – A sweet and fruity dessert blend. The rich donut flavour acts as a base, combined with strawberry jam and a creamy vanilla bean custard.

KiwiMelon – A tropical fruit blend with distinct notes of kiwi and watermelon. Playing between sweet and sharp flavours, a mild dragonfruit adds a juicy undertone to finish.

Orang-O-Tang – A fruit medley with a juicy taste. A sweet fusion of pomegranate and peach is countered by the fresh-tasting citrus notes of orange and a hint of raspberry.

Pecanilla – A rich and sweet combination of nuts and cream. The dark taste of pecans and the light taste of vanilla custard act as the base, with a hint of tobacco to finish.

Zest Pest – A sharp citrus blend, for a fresh-tasting vape. A medley of lemon, lime and orange creates a fruit flavour which starts sweet but delivers a sharp exhale.

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Large Salts – 10 Flavours

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Apple Nutter, Banana Haze, Bango Mango, Berry Cold, Crispy Coffee, Donut Worry, KiwiMelon, Orang-O-Tang, Pecanilla, Zest Pest

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