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Discover Rad Salts a fresh new line of nicotine salt e-liquids, brought to you from UK brand RAD e-liquids. Rad nic salts are mixed to a 50/50 concentration, utilising a premium salt nicotine formula, more readily absorbed and even more satisfying. Some of the most bright and flavourful vape juices to hit our store, it’s time to try some of the raddest liquid you’ll ever likely to try!

RAD Salt’s Vimto Breeze nic salt e-liquid cocoons a handful of red and dark berries into a cool and breezy ice edge. A mouth-watering sweet and tangy note bursts on the inhale, before a wave of ice softens the exhale.

RAD Salt’s Watermelon Breaker nic salt e-liquid is a crisp and fresh combination of watermelon and candy. Sweet delicate notes of freshly sliced watermelon plunge into a sugary candy.

RAD Salt’s Berry Boomer nic salt e-liquid features zesty lime submerged into a base of sweet mixed berries. An indulgent note of sharp and sweet berries on the inhale, before a rising tide of zingy lime surfaces on the exhale.

RAD Salt’s Green Apple Barrel nic salt e-liquid is a vibrantly sweet and sharp single noted green apple flavour. Crisp and tangy notes break into a sweeter base note of fresh green apples.

RAD Salt’s Bubble Billow nic salt e-liquid delivers a surge of sweet and tangibly chewy bubblegum. The fruity notes smoothly rise throughout the inhale with the classic taste of bubblegum coming through in waves on the exhale.

RAD Salt’s Candy Kahuna nic salt e-liquid combines an eclectic mix of fruit with a fizzy candy coating. Bright and colourful fruit candy notes tingle on the inhale, followed by an almighty wave of citrus fizz.


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Rad Salts

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Vimto Breeze, Watermelon Breaker, Berry Boomer, Green Apple Barrel, Bubble Billow, Candy Kahuna

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10mg, 20mg


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